Global e-Identity Trust Ecosystem To Use Single, Trusted Cyber Identity — Ends Reliance on Unsecured User Names/Passwords

For the first time, Internet users will have a single cyber identity that can access a broad range of partners and applications in health care and the life sciences without compromising security or patient data.

Currently, separate, unsecured identity credentials, typically based on user names/passwords, are required to access individual organizations (e.g. a healthcare providers) or applications (e.g. electronic health records). Their inherent vulnerabilities have contributed to the theft of more than 150 million US patient records.

The use of single cyber identities is made possible by a recently developed set of standards supporting an Identity Trust Ecosystem in which all participants – relying parties, federation gateways, credential issuers, and solutions providers – meet common interoperable standards of identity trust aligned with US, EU, and other global technical and policy standards. The Identity Trust Ecosystem standards were created by SAFE-BioPharma Association.

“Theft of personal protected information and intellectual property is plaguing companies and institutions around the world,” said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Association. “Adhering to this new set of standards will be a large step toward protecting these assets, preventing regulatory violations, and allowing users to have a single identity recognized by all entities participating in the standard.”

The Identity Trust Ecosystem focuses specifically and exclusively on allowing a single identity credential to authenticate to any participating application. Every time a credential is used to access the application, the credential service provider verifies the identity of the credential holder and informs the other organizations involved in the process.

Participants in the new Identity Trust Ecosystem will have confidence that the identity of each individual requesting access to their applications has been strongly authenticated before access is provided. Importantly, this automated process eliminates inefficiencies and costs typically associated with identity authentication.

SAFE-BioPharma® standards, in use globally for more than a decade, describe requirements for standardized identity trust for either authentication or digital signing. Users of digital signing credentials can be recognized across the network; currently, users of authentication credentials cannot. The new standards, focused only on authentication, create a broader and more flexible ecosystem for recognition of authentication credentials.

Both sets of standards allow a single, trusted cyber identity credential to be recognized across their respective ecosystems.


About SAFE-BioPharma

More information on the SAFE-BioPharma® standard for digital identity and digital signatures used in life science and health care: SAFE-BioPharma website.

Salk Institute Gene Editing Breakthrough.

Salk Institute researchers have developed a technique to edit genes and insert DNA at a target location in non-dividing cells. The technique was used to partially restore visual responses in blind rodents and it opens new avenues for basic research and a variety of treatments, such as for retinal, heart and neurological diseases. The Salk technique represents the first-time scientists could insert a new gene into a precise DNA location in adult cells that no longer divide, such as those of the eye, brain, pancreas or heart, offering new possibilities for therapeutic applications in those cells. The Salk technology is 10 times more efficient than other methods at incorporating new DNA into cultures of dividing cells, making it a promising tool for both research and medicine.

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Breakthrough Technology for Automotive Cyber Security.

Argus Cyber Security announced expansion of its In-Vehicle Network Protection suite with its new groundbreaking Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Fingerprinting technology. The technology makes it harder for hackers to perform cyber-attacks on vehicles and it makes it possible to identify and trace to the source messages  maliciously initiated by an unauthorized or wrong ECU. Tests have shown the technology to be highly accurate at identifying malicious messages with zero false positives.



Information Security 101.

Thank you SAFE-BioPharma for publishing a video explaining trusted identities, authentication, digital signatures, and protecting healthcare information exchange in a way we can understand.

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Disruptive technologies for healthcare in developing countries.

Devex’s thought provoking article describing 6 technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Portable DNA Sequencing, 3-D Printing, Gene Editing, Nanotechnology, and Drones) that will disrupt and advance healthcare in developing countries is a must read.

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Microsoft Speech Recognition Breakthrough.

For the first time, a computer can recognize the words in a conversation as well as a person would…
Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research engineers have made a major breakthrough in speech recognition,  creating a technology that recognizes the words in a conversation and it makes fewer or the same errors of that of a professional transcriptionists.

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Information Security Webinar

Register for Webinar.

Trusted Information Access Management for the Life Sciences: Keeping the WRONG People Out.

With so much reliance on the Internet and so much investment at stake, how do relying parties in the life sciences ensure they are allowing the right people in and keeping the wrong people out?

A key part of the answer is a trusted identity ecosystem based on global standards: the topic to be discussed during an NH-ISAC webinar, 2:30PM, Wednesday, October 19

Among the issues to be covered:

  • Why companies must care about who logs into their networks and applications.  
  • Why companies should advocate for a trusted identity ecosystem.
  • How standards can create a secure, efficient trust ecosystem.
  • How a trust mark can provide assurance of a user’s digital identity.

The expert panel:

  • Keith Respass, Director, Information Security, Merck & Co
  • Andrew Porter, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Merck & Co
  • Gary Secrest, CTO, SAFE-BioPharma (formerly: Director of Johnson & Johnson information security worldwide; involved in information security at NSA.)
  • Dr. Peter Alterman, COO, SAFE-BioPharma (formerly:  Chair, U.S. Federal PKI Policy Authority, Assistant CIO for e-authentication at National Institutes of Health; Senior Advisor to National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and to NIH CIO for Strategic Initiatives)

Innovative Cybersecurity Technologies of 2016 (SINET)


The following were selected by SINET as the top 16 companies who are identifying cutting-edge technologies to address Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities:

BlackRidge Technology: BlackRidge provides an identity-based network and cyber security solution that authenticates identity and applies policy on the first packet of network sessions. This provides a new level of real-time protection that cloaks and protects servers, segments networks, and provides identity attribution.

Contrast Security, Inc: Contrast Security provides continuous protection of enterprise applications and services against both vulnerabilities and attacks. Contrast uses “deep security instrumentation” for unprecedented speed, accuracy, coverage, & scalability without experts or SLC changes. Think “New Relic for Security.”

CyberX: CyberX secures the Industrial Internet, providing real-time detection and deep insight into control systems’ vulnerabilities while ensuring business and operational continuity. With field-proven technology and accredited research, CyberX protects dozens of major industrial sites worldwide.

DataVisor: DataVisor is the only online fraud detection service utilizing unsupervised big data analytics to identify attack campaigns before they conduct any damage to consumer-facing online services.

Digital Shadows: Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness, through our SearchLight platform, which provides truly relevant, contextual intelligence and protects organizations against cyber attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand integrity by providing them an “attacker’s eye view.”

Interset: Interset provides an intelligent, accurate threat-detection solution. Interset detects threats through machine learning and advanced analytics running on a big-data platform, either on premise or in the cloud.

Menlo Security: Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber attacks by eliminating the threat of malware from Web and email with its patented Isolation Platform that easily scales for any size organization and requires no end point software, making it simple and cost effective to deploy.

Ntrepid Corporation (Passages): Passages provides a secure virtual browser that protects enterprises from all web-based attacks. By isolating browsing activity from the local computer and network, users can access any website and follow any link without the risk of infecting their machines or company infrastructure.

Phantom Cyber Corp.: Phantom is a security automation & orchestration platform that integrates existing security products to provide a layer of “connective tissue” between them. Phantom executes digital playbooks to achieve in seconds what may take hours to accomplish with the horde of products enterprises use daily.

Post-Quantum: Post-Quantum is a science-driven UK company with a mission to protect the world’s data by deploying secure and innovative authentication, communications, encryption and access technologies. Our modules are ready for use today, but will remain strong in the future, even with quantum computer threats.

Elastic/Prelert: Prelert provides behavioral analytics for IT security, IT operations and business operations teams. It analyzes massive amounts of log data, finds anomalies, links them together and lets the data tell the story behind advanced security threats, IT performance issues and business disruptions.

ProtectWise: ProtectWise™ is disrupting the security industry with its network security platform, that captures high fidelity network traffic, creates a lasting memory for the network, and delivers real time and retrospective alerting and analysis in a rich, innovative visualizer.

RiskSense: RiskSense is the leader in cyber risk management. We enable organizations to reveal cyber risk, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results. This is done by contextualizing internal security intelligence, external threat data, and business criticality across a growing attack surface.

SafeBreach: SafeBreach is a pioneer in continuous security validation. Our groundbreaking platform simulates breach methods with an extensive and growing Hacker’s Playbook™ of research and real-world investigative data to provide a “hacker’s view” of an enterprise’s security posture.

ThreatQuotient Inc: ThreatQuotient provides ThreatQ, a threat intelligence platform that centrally correlates unlimited external sources with internal security solutions for contextual, operationalized intelligence in one easy to comprehend view to help customers tailor indicators of compromise to their industry.

Vera: Vera is an enterprise data security and information rights management company that allows IT to secure, track and audit any type of digital information. With Vera, security and policy travels with the data, so enterprises can maintain visibility and control over who can access sensitive information.


Karan Sorensen in the news…

Karan Sorensen inducted into Charleston Southern University’s College of Science and Mathematics Hall of Honor. First woman inducted into the Hall of Honor and first inductee since 2008.


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2017 Trends for Inventory Management

5 inventory and tracking trends for 2017 include:

  1. Real-time tracking
  2. Hybrid of online and physical retailer fulfillment
  3. Big data insights
  4. Flexible and customizable software solutions
  5. Specific as well as diversified software solutions

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