Salk Institute Gene Editing Breakthrough.

Salk Institute researchers have developed a technique to edit genes and insert DNA at a target location in non-dividing cells. The technique was used to partially restore visual responses in blind rodents and it opens new avenues for basic research and a variety of treatments, such as for retinal, heart and neurological diseases. The Salk technique represents the first-time scientists could insert a new gene into a precise DNA location in adult cells that no longer divide, such as those of the eye, brain, pancreas or heart, offering new possibilities for therapeutic applications in those cells. The Salk technology is 10 times more efficient than other methods at incorporating new DNA into cultures of dividing cells, making it a promising tool for both research and medicine.

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Karan Sorensen is a business and technology management executive with energy and passion for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, digital strategies, and mentoring. Karan is one of the founders of ConneXus Networking.

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